Asthma, Pain and Premenstrual Syndrome by Anonymous

I am 40 years old, married, and am the mother of three mostly grown children (23, 19, and 16) and one grandchild (8 mos). My past occupations include cosmetologist, sign language interpreter, dispatcher and culinary arts major. I am still attending college on a part time basis and may need to obtain re-education as I am out of work on two separate worker's compensation injuries. I started smoking cannabis when I was 12 and continued until I was 16. It was really helpful for menstrual cramps, PMS, and migraines. I married a man who didn't like me to smoke, so I quit for 13 years. My current husband is supportive of my use. When I was 29, I started smoking again to relieve migraines. When I was 32, the allergies I had suffered with for 10 years triggered asthma. I found that smoking cannabis relieved the asthma attacks far better than pharmaceutical medicines prescribed by my physician, so I began using it when my asthma flared up.  Since then, I have become chemically sensitive and following an auto collision (not my fault) in 1996 developed Fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome.  I am unable to tolerate conventional medicines and cannabis is the only thing that helps my pain and asthma. After two incidences of anaphylactic shock from physician prescribed pain medicines, I decided cannabis is safer and more effective than chemical based, synthetic pain medicines. My current physician recommended that I go ahead with medicinal cannabis use to relieve my pain and help control my asthma. I obtained a medicinal prescription and if the cost wasn't as prohibitive, would use more than I can afford presently. Medicinal cannabis relieves my back and general body pain, migraines, asthma attacks and acts as a wonderful antidepressant. I eat it, drink it as tea, smoke it and when I need to open my airways, I use a vaporizer, which is extremely effective for asthma attacks. I use medicinal cannabis daily. On average, I'd say I smoke or vaporize 4 to 5 times daily and eat it or drink tea made from it less often due to the expense I am fortunate to live in California where voters passed a compassion law (Prop 215) in 1996I hope my experience helps others with health problems. Bless all of you!