Back Pain
by Anonymous

I have suffered from chronic lower back pain for years. I have been prescribed muscle relaxants, but they cause nausea and sleepiness.I have found a better way to alleviate the pain, without the sick feeling and loss of muscle tone.

My oldest son is a Native American and more liberal in his views of marihuana than some. He was over last weekend when I was almost crippled with pain. He said, "Mom, I want you to try something that may work for you." I found myself agreeing to take a few puffs of a marihuana cigarette. I was amazed. My lower back pain was gone -- not just dulled. I felt a little lightheaded but not enough to keep me from having a full day of activity. I couldn't believe it. I am beginning to wonder why our government would keep a natural painkiller from our use. I bet I paid three times more for my prescribed muscle relaxants than my son did for his natural pain remedy.