Severe Back Pain and Spasm by James Staples

I was disabled through 3 failed back surgeries.  Before I moved to my new home I was taking 120 Vic. ES per month.  After I moved,  I had no insurance, had lost nearly everything, had no income, and was all but completely immobile.  After going to five doctors trying to find a way to get fixed, I was turned away with a common “3 strikes you’re out” line. I asked for pain meds and was turned down at every turn.

I was eating Tylenol Es like candy with only stomach upset as a result.

I had been clear of MJ use for religious reasons for over 11 years, and really didn't miss it.

One day I was in pain was so severe I had actually seriously thought of suicide. I watched a news story about medicinal marijuana for pain control. It was really good, but to me it was only an interesting news item. The next day I went outside, after no sleep and grueling pain.  I had to hobble in some direction to at least feel I was alive.  After  I walked out of my back door,  I began praying, as I usually do,  "G-d,  please help me!!!".  I walked about 40 feet and it was to much, and I began to walk back. I looked down, and could not believe what I saw--four, 4 12-16"

  Nine-fingered MJ plants Out of respect, I had the plants transplanted, but even after informing my family, I still wasn’t interested in partaking.

The next day,  after another sleepless night and pain which had forced tears from my eyes all night, I was outside again,  looking at the spot where the plants were and wondering how odd an event that was,  when a nearly complete stranger drove up. I hardly recognized him, and he had to remind me who he was and where we met. Then he handed me a small cylinder, said,

 "The Holy Spirit told me you need this, G-d Bless", and drove off.  "That was weird,” I thought as I opened the cylinder, and then I was really floored-- out fell a joint!

I went to my wife, who is a very orthodox Mormon lady, and I was she would say "destroy it!"....  I was floored again-- she said, "Sounds to me like your prayers are going to be answered...  just be careful".

Careful I was.  Temptation, I thought.  I stashed it away and continued in my pain.  , My wife began asking why I don't at least try it for a bit of a rest.  Finally, I broke.  I had prayed and meditated,  and every time,  I knew t the G-ds had sent this,  there was no doubt.

So, when the family had gone shopping, I fired up the joint.  Two hits later, my pain had gone from a 10+ to an easy to deal with 2-3.  When my family returned, they could immediately tell something was very different, and so I told them what had happened.  I expected skepticism from my wife, but only got an "I told you so, didn't I-- what on earth took you so long to figure it out?"

 Well, as they say,  the rest is history.  Now, regardless of what anyone, church or state, says, ‘G-d knows best and is a lot better pharmacist than anyone we will come across'.  Mormons have a belief in what they call "the word of Wisdom", I now tell them MJ is from G-d and fits perfectly into His plan for our health and happiness. 

I could go on and on.  But hopefully, this should suffice for now.