Degenerative Disk Disease and the
Use of Oral Marijuana by Glenn Robinette
(who provides a recipe)

May I share a recipe for those with degenerative disk disease who prefer not to smoke?  I use 1 gram of cannabis in 140 grams of coconut milk in a 1.8 liter thermos flask.  Top with boiling water and add spices to taste.  I like cinnamon, clove, cardamom, ginger.  And some green tea.  After 24 hours it is ready to use.  After 48 hours it is even better. After that the ingredients begin to decay, so I strain and bring the mix to a simmer and then put it back in the thermos.  One cup before bed and I don't wake up in pain.  A cup in the morning and I feel very well after two hours.  It is possible to use this three times a day without needing to increase the dose and without side effects other than a general calmness and relaxation.  In your book you note that most 19th century remedies using cannabis were taken orally, not smoked.  I add a little syrup from brown sugar and red poppies for the very bad days.  Somehow life becomes livable.  Effect lasts for 4-6 hours.  Non-addictive and fun.