Degenerative Disc Disease by Anonymous

I developed degenerative disc disease in 1996.    I tried every narcotic known, many combinations of drugs, and had four back surgeries with no relief. Now it has worsened and my spinal cord is dying.  I also gained a lot of weight.

I started smoking marijuana when it became legal in my state.  The pain left immediately and the shaking stopped.  So did most of the muscle spasms.  I stopped taking all meds except the weed. I have lost all the weight I gained and am working full time again.  My MRI's continue to deteriorate, but I keep right on trucking with the help of the weed. 

Thanks for letting me share. I hope others will try this first instead of ending their lives, as many of us have pain that is unbearable.  Doctors will not understand and will not support you because of fear of the DEA.  They should be afraid.  The DEA is after all of us, and it does not matter if we are patients.  Please be careful.  Your cure could be a puff away.