Bipolar Disorder by Daisy McGraw

I am a 32- year- old woman,  married, with two children ages 14 and 11. 

I have bipolar disorder with severe manic states.  I experience rage, insomnia, inability to concentrate, and on the flip side depression so severe that I sleep for several days at a time.  When I am in this state my sleep is not restful.  It's broken and full of disturbing dreams that feel very real even after I am awake.

My mother is a classic manic-depressive as was her father and grandmother.  My 11-year old also has emotional difficulties.  My condition began to surface when I was approximately 12 years old.

I work full time as a bookkeeper for a small company, and I am also working on building a home business now.  The only period of unemployment I have had was after the tragedy of 9/11/01.  I lost my job (as a senior staff member) on 10/15/02 and was unemployed until August 2002. 

I was an honor roll student and have almost completed my APICS certification.

Marihuana has been an effective alternative to the Depakote ER, (1000 mgs per day) and  Effexor XR, (300 mgs per day)  prescribed by my psychiatrist. 

Without the side effects!

I have discussed my marihuana use with my psychotherapist and psychiatrist at length, and their only hesitation is that it is illegal in this state.  However, the psychiatrist did relay to me that the relief I have found is well documented.

When I am in a state of rage, the marihuana will relieve the symptoms almost immediately.  It enables me to handle the normal daily activities of helping with homework, cooking supper and interacting with my family and friends.  I am able to concentrate and organize myself to accomplish tasks that otherwise would not be done.  I am a firm supporter of NORML and would like to establish a forum for support for users, whatever their conditions might be.  If interested, please email me:

I am working on a Web page with an open guestbook for others to share their experiences as well.

God bless you for your work and efforts to educate.