Severe Bipolar Disorder and PTSD by Michelle Holland

My husband of seven years suffers from severe bipolar disorder. He often flies into rages or gets severely depressed to the point of suicide.  Most times he can't sleep or sleeps too much. He also has PTSD from abuse as a child and losing his two brothers in a family train accident when he was quite small.

He has been prescribed all kinds of medications trying to find the right "mixture". He has taken lithium Prozac, Wellbutrin, and so many more I can't name them all.

He is currently trying to take Depakote and it seems to make his rages worse!  What I've discovered by watching him all these years is that the best medicine for him is marijuana.  Any time he begins to get manic or severely depressed, he can use it and it works almost immediately, without any side effects.  He keeps his mood stabilized and he is actually happy and functional! Just two drags of it helps him for almost the whole day! He doesn't even have to smoke it to the point of what is normally considered "high".

Although I wasn't always a marijuana advocate, I will actually insist that he take it because it seems to be the only thing that helps his illness.  In fact, I will even foot the cost!