Bipolar Disorder by Anonymous

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder two years ago and prescribed Effexor XR, Epival, and clonazepam. These prescribed drugs were helpful only for a little while. I became another person whom I did not know. My memory and basic mathematical skills were absent at times. I knew I couldn't possibly think straight on these pills that were supposed to "help" me. These drugs gave me a zombie-like dependence. I couldn't sleep without the clonazepam and would have electric shock-like jitters that were brief and annoying, as well as weight gain, lost sexual drive, and difficulties reaching any kind of climax. I soon discovered marijuana for my bipolar disorder and learned from my experience. I was able to reach climax, sexual desire returned, I discontinued my prescribed meds. I found that marijuana reduced withdrawal symptoms to nil!   I was able to sleep, my moods were under control, headaches diminished, I was able  to think, and the person I was, lost in taking six pills per day, now returned. I know medical marijuana is right for me. Iím finally in control of myself and what I put into my body. I'm med -free.  All the credit goes to med cannabis!