Marihuana and Bipolar Disorder
by Jeremy

I have suffered from bipolar disorder since I was 13. I've been prescribed Zoloft and perphenazine in the past and found that both drugs dull my thought process. However, I stopped taking the drugs and currently smoke small amounts of marihuana to stabilize my highs and lows. With marihuana I've been able to maintain a clear head. With the other drugs I found that I lost a lot of emotions good as well as bad. But with marihuana I still have the emotions I'm supposed to have but without suffering the terrible lows or the exhausting highs. I feel normal for the first time in my life and have started living a regular life. I just completed the first two years of college and plan to go on and get my degree in business and investments. I could never have accomplished this without marihuana. But I still fear prosecution for my use and have no medical insurance to see a doctor. I also suffer from migraines and have found marihuana to be extremely helpful.