Cancer by Bess Donovan

In 1996 my husband was diagnosed with adenocarsinoma (lung cancer caused bydiesel fumes and asbestos).  The doctors felt he could be cured with massive radiation and chemotherapy doses.  After his first radiation treatment, he was basically unable to eat because of the pain in his throat and nausea.  Thank goodness one of his doctors (who must remain anonymous since marijuana was not legal at the time in our state for medicinal uses) was caring enough to advise my husband to smoke marijuana through a glass water pipe (for minimal lung damage).   I am positive he added time to my husbandís life that we really needed (After 17 years of marriage, we had finally had a son only 6 months before the cancer diagnosis.).  Mark weighed 170 lbs when diagnosed,  was down to 119 lbs when he started smoking.  After two months of smoking, he was up to 140lbs and when he passed away weighed 152 lbs.  I know I would have lost him when he was down to the 119 had we not done something.  Also, as his weight increased, so did his energy, and he had some very high-quality time with our son before he passed.