For the last four years I have suffered from chronic fatigue immuno-dysfunctional syndrome aggravated by chronic hepatitis — Type C. In addition to the profound malaise associated with these conditions, I have had a deep, consistent cough with head and chest congestion. My treatment has been massive doses of vitamin B12 (10 mg injectable per day), Klonopin [clonazepam] to ensure better sleep, Zoloft [sertraline], which for some reason reduces the coughing, and various vitamin and mineral supplements taken orally. In addition I have been taking a variety of antioxidants. My physician, Paul Cheney of Charlotte, NC, a CFIDS specialist, mentioned last year that an excess of "new brain" activity and little "old brain" stimulation seemed to be involved in CFIDS. It appeared that my "new brain" immune system was working overtime while my "old brain" immune system was virtually defunct. (My apologies for not knowing the terms of art of medicine or anatomy, but "old brain" and "new brain" are the best way I can remember the areas affected).

Knowing from my hippie-dippie days of decades past that marihuana slowed down the scheming and analytical parts of my own mind, I thought I would try it again after many years to slow down my mind and my body. Well, like WOW, man! It did the trick! No matter how badly I feel from CFIDS (or perhaps hepatitis), a little marihuana in the evening relieves the nausea, the muscle cramping, the vertigo, the headaches, and the lack of appetite. I have mentioned this to Dr. Cheney, but he has made no comment to me one way or the other about it. North Carolina is not a good place to take a stand on issues.

Macon Richardson,