Marihuana and Colitis


I have smoked pot most of my adult life. I had polio as an infant. I am now feeling some of the discomforts the individual spoke of on your share page. I also have had functional colitis off and on for many years. I was prescribed Lomotil, which made my stomach burn and was a bothersome drug in terms of dry mouth and a few other things. After two or three doses, I whipped out my pipe and smoked a full bowl of my illegal substance. I returned to work the very next day. My stomach settled and I felt much better in a short time. I am a grandmother, a former teacher, a Vietnam vet, an honor student back in my college years, able to function normally when smoking cannabis. My daughter has Tourette syndrome and I have been trying to convince her to see if marihuana would relieve her, but she insists on drugs that reduce her to a vegetable. My opinion is that we must re-educate the American public concerning the use both medically and as a legal form of recreation.