Crohn's Disease by Christian Safii

I have been suffering from horrible Crohn’s flare-ups since I was nine years old. The Crohn’s would go into remission, then come back every two years or so. I am now currently 17, and two years ago my Crohn’s had gotten so bad that my intestines refused to stop bleeding (even though I was on a high dose of prednisone, immune suppressors, etc..)I got sick when I even thought of food and even worse, I was getting horribly depressed. I began to research alternative medicines in hope of keeping my intestines. I had the best gastro doctors in the country telling me that my intestines would never heal and that they had to be taken out ASAP. On vacation to see friends in NY, I discovered marijuana. After smoking I noticed something astonishing. It had been three days since I was in pain!!!  During the last year my intestines stopped bleeding, and there has been no more nausea. I finally had a sense of peace. My intestines continue to heal, and this baffles my doctors terribly. I plan to go back to school next year, to continue taking all AP, college- level classes and being a leader for my community while exposing the truth about the amazing benefits of the medicine that is marijuana.