Crohn's disease
by Anonymous

I am eighteen and suffering from Crohn's disease for close to two years now. Since my diagnoses I have had multiple doctors prescribe many different man-made drugs to help me with daily pain and to prevent a relapse of inflammation. I have been on Prednisone, Pentasa and Azulfidine, along with other generic forms of these steroids. I hate the idea of putting these in my body four times a day as directed by my doctors. I have been discouraged from trying any other sorts of therapy, even harmless over-the-counter herbs. On my own, though, I have decreased my intake by half and frequently smoke marihuana when in pain and in the morning before I have a bowel movement. I have found that contradictory to my doctor's beliefs, smoking marihuana relaxes my bowel and allows me to have a comfortable bowel movement that is unimaginable to any Crohn's patient. It decreases the fluttering in my intestines and prevents them from twisting and convulsing into what is known as introsusception. When this happens, my intestines fold like a sock and can block my digestive system and can be very dangerous. This can be reversed and your intestine can relax in lucky situations, according to my doctor. I must be very lucky because my intestines have been able to relax and heal themselves of this infliction many times after smoking marihuana. It takes only a few minutes before I begin to feel better, and I have yet to feel this awesome of an effect after taking my prescribed medications. I hope you can do something with this information to save patients like me who lack support for non-traditional/homeopathic remedies for a disease that virtually controls our lives and thus our future. My regards to a doctor who can admit that there is a huge possibility that marihuana is better for terminally ill patients than conventional methods. Thank you!