Overdose in a Dog
by Suzi Wahl

Marihuana overdose? My story is about my 12 pound, 12 year old toy poodle. I'll spare you the details about how the accident occurred, but she ate 8 peanut butter cookies, each of which had been baked with enough of the herb to medicate a 200-pound human for several hours. I suppose that means that she ate 134 times the recommended amount! I was of course devastated when I found out, but she survived just fine. She was obviously quite high for about 12 hrs and still under the influence for another 12. She could not stand, eat or drink for several hours during which time I lay awake with her. She was seen by an emergency veterinarian who did a complete blood profile. Her heartbeat and respiration remained normal throughout the ordeal. She did not vomit or get diarrhea. The blood workup was normal. This dog is the love of my life and I felt very bad. The good news is that I now have personal proof that my marihuana medicine is not harmful to me or animals even at overdose levels! Try that with any other drug, plant, etc!