Difficulty Eating by Anonymous

For me, eating has always been difficult. Growing up, I was as skinny as a rail and often complained to my parents of stomach aches and just an overall feeling of nausea at times. I ate, but it wasn't always pleasant.

In late high school, my best friend introduced me to pot at a party. I liked it at first because my friends and I would laugh our heads off at each other. But I soon realized another reason why I liked it: I was eating everything in sight Being a young, brainless high school kid, I wasn't careful and got in a bit of trouble with it. Of course, at this point all of my teachers and coaches would tell me how evil it was....I gave it up for a while.

I went on to college and again was not eating much. One day, after a battle with a serious stomach ache, I had had enough. I knew what made me eat right and I was tired of feeling like crap all of the time. I bought a bag from a friend of mine and have never looked back.

I am a college graduate and landscape architect living in a big southern city. I live with my fiancÚ, an architect, who smokes a lot less than I do but supports me 100% on the matter (we have a neighbor next door going through chemo, and it saddens my fiancÚ to no end that our neighbor doesn't get the proper medicine).

I read stories about marijuana and depression being linked. I understand that marijuana can alter one's thoughts. But I truly believe much of the depression tied to marijuana comes from people feeling as though they are doing something wrong by breaking a law.

My brother has a degree in horticulture from a fine institution, and a natural love for plants. He undoubtedly could grow some of the finest MJ in the world. But he is not allowed to, and this angers me to my core.

I hope and pray that one day marijuana will be allowed to be grown and consumed on a private, personal basis. It would have a massive positive effect on my life, and save me tons of money.