Marijuana for the Treatment of Gastric Discomfort, Insomnia, and Hangover by Anonymous

I use cannabis for a plethora of reasons, from recreational, to medicinal. I like to smoke a bowl with friends, but every morning I like to smoke right as I get up, to alleviate the pain. I've had abdominal pain for as long as I can remember. During high school I would drink a bottle of Pepto-bismol a week, I carried tums with me everywhere, and I basically starved myself to avoid the pain. I'd been in and out of doctors offices since sixth grade, when they thought I had a stress-induced ulcer. The diagnosis has gone from that, to a gastric ulcer, to acid reflux, and eventually I just stopped going, and figured I was simply going to be in horrible pain for the rest of my life, unable to really eat anything without spending hours in pain.

This all changed the night I tried cannabis. I can eat food, and feel just fine. I've found it works wonders for my Insomnia, which I was taking 100mg of diphenhydramine and 3mg of melatonin for a night until I found pot. I used to get so sick I would sit outside my high school, just holding my stomach in pain, hoping it would subside and I'd be able to go to class. Now, I just take a few hits of cannabis, and I can actually feel the pressure and pain fading with each second. I know it's not curing the underlying cause, but when I go to the doctors and they shrug and try to get me on another Proton pump inhibitor, or I can just go pick up an ounce of pot, for pain-relief and fun times with my friends, it's a no-brainer. Of course then there's the doctors who give out opiod medication, which is horribly addicting, and can induce nausea itself.

Cannabis is also a wonder for hang-overs, no matter how much you drink, if you just toke a bit the next day, the aches and pains go away.

I'm a twenty year old male, I sell cannabis for a living, and I live in Utah, probably the last state ever to medicinalize.