Grief by Anonymous

A few years ago, my 17-year- old son was hit by a car and killed instantly. I was naturally devastated and in deep grief. When I cleaned out his room, I found a bong and some pot. I had not smoked pot for years and found myself sitting on the floor smoking from his bong. I immediately felt close to him, and a feeling of connection and warmth ensued. I was able to sleep that night and found that whenever I smoked I felt a release from the terrible pain I had been in since his death. I am a mother and a community leader and cannot purchase this wonderful medicinal herb legally. Physicians are only too happy to prescribe sleeping pills and antidepressants which are terribly hard on my system and do not give me any real help with my feelings.

I do not know if others have used this for dealing with loss or grief, but I have found it to be the only thing that really helped me. I will not resort to searching for it in clubs or bars and cannot risk "asking around" so I am seeking a medical supplier.