Hay Fever by Ramlee Oak

I, like many of you, have found pot to be remarkably effective in reducing the symptoms or certain ailments.  The particular benefits I would like to relate here though deal specifically with the symptoms of hay fever; a condition that I've been experiencing for most of my adult life.  Those of us who are burdened with allergies know that one's nose becomes a dripping tap for the duration of the attack.  In an attempt to hold back the tide, it is not uncommon to exhaust one’s entire battery of handkerchiefs and tissues....enter pot.  Hayfever, of course, is characterized by several unpleasant symptoms; a runny nose being just one.  I have found through personal use that this particular symptom can be treated successfully by smoking a little marihuana.  If there are less harmful ways to access the active substance in pot which, for me, all but dries up my runny nose, then they should be explored.  I do not smoke cigarettes because they kill you, and smoking dope is probably not much better for your lungs, but smoking pot gets the beneficial agent into the bloodstream rapidly.  It is of great value to me in the management of hay fever symptoms.