Marijuana and the Symptoms of Hepatitis C by Anonymous

Well let me start by saying at first I used pot as a recreational drug since I was thirteen years old. Somehow during my years of partying I contracted Hepatitis C. This went unnoticed for years as high enzymes in my liver. When Hepatitis C could be detected I already had cirrhosis of the liver. The doctors said the Hepatitis  was eating away at my liver and prescribed medicine that he said would work using injections and pills. I started taking the medicine in February and by May it making me sick. Much as I tired, I had to stop working because I was so tired and run down from vomiting so much. 

Of course I didn't tell the doctors how sick because I was scared they would take me off  the meds. It was all that could help and no other medicine was available. I became worse and worse until I smoked some pot with a friend. After he left I ate everything I could find and laid down to take a nap. When I awoke it was great no nausea I felt stronger and better than I had in three months, so for the next three months, three times a day I got high. I made it almost six months before the doctor said I should stop taking it if it was that bad.

Well two years later I still show no signs of the Hepatitis C. I still smoke now and then. With out pot I don’t know if I would have made it.