Hepatitis C


I am a 33- year-old male with HepC, cirrosis, and liver cancer. I have had five years of treatments with little remission, a lot of pain, and extreme bouts of nausea and vomiting. The list of anti-nausea medications is very long and expensive. Nothing ever really worked until I tried marihuana. It was like someone had turned on a switch and I could finally be at ease. Well, my doc is a great guy who cares about his patients. After I told him how great I felt (I’ve even decreased my amount of pain and nerve meds) he agreed to prescribe Marinol. I was relieved because I can’t afford to lose my insurance or be away from my wife and little girl (ie, by getting arrested.) The drug store told me that the cost of ninety 10-mg Marinol pills is $1,200 a month. My insurance covers 80% but we have to come up with the other 20% to pick up the meds. My doc can’t believe this and said it was "horrendous." It’s like the govt is saying, "OK, we’ll make it available to you but you can’t afford it." My monthly pharm bill is over $3,500. What is a person supposed to do???