I read your article in the latest issue of Playboy with interest. I gave my late wife Toni (Shirley) a cannabis-based brewed tea to relief the nausea brought on by chemotherapy. I made the tea because she did not want to smoke the weed. It is hard to brew, but with persistence I managed to make a decent "West Indian Herbal Tea." She tolerated the cannabis tea well, then tolerated the treatment better. The senior partner of the oncologist group did not believe in the use of cannabis to alleviate the nasty side effects of the chemotherapy. I did get him to prescribe synthetic THC, and that helped some, but was not as effective as the real thing. I managed to keep my wife comfortable up to her death from complications of metastasized lung cancer 3 years ago, so I know that it works and would use it if I were ever in the same position. Oh, by the way, I am a ten-year survivor of thyroid cancer. Radiation and surgery plus early detection was enough to help me combat this type of cancer. Thank you!

Stephen "Paul" RuskPrsarge@hotmail.com or prsarge@juno.com