Hiccups by Ben

I would like to submit proof for the idea that marijuana can stop hiccups.

I suffered from two attacks today.  The first came on about 11:00 am.  It passed after five or ten minutes.  The second arrived 6:30 pm and hung around for 2o minutes before I went to the Internet.  I came across a post of yours and learned the herb stopped a case of yours.

Long and short:  I went to my Vapor Brothers vaporizer and did some herb and, praise the Lord, the hiccup went away....IMMEDIATELY...practically on the first inhale! 

They were starting to bother me and I'm glad they are gone.  It is my wish that this helps somebody because you, Dr. Ginspoon, helped me BIG TIME! 

God made cannabis, Man did not.

Man made alcohol, God did not.