Multiple Uses

I'm wandering around the net trying to find out if I'm the only 48 yr old woman who is a closet pot smoker and (ta da!) here's your site! I want to come out of the closet and feel OK about this! There ARE some good things about pot. I was a drunk for years and destroyed my liver with bourbon ... it got me off booze. I was having panic attacks every other day.

The doctors had me so hooked on Xanax that I was taking 6 mg a day. It cost a LOT. Now, I'm relaxed and happy and doing it CHEAP with pot. I went through the "change" with only ONE hot flash - that was it! I can't prove pot helped, but they should check that out. Might be ANOTHER benefit. I smoked cigs till I had to wake up at night and cough so I could breathe ... not now, I quit. I get the smoking benefit with inhaling pot so I rarely get cig cravings. I caught Hep C from my ex's philandering and my enzyme count is raging ... but you should SEE me ... I look and feel pretty good (even on the plump side) cause I EAT! People can't believe how "healthy" I look! Because I laugh on pot, my facial muscles have kept me young looking and laughing keeps my spirits up. You can't OD on this stuff ... I tried, it was wonderful! All I can say is: one simple weed sure cured a lot of ills for me!