I am a university student at University of California at Davis. My best friend smokes marihuana constantly and is a regular user and I refused to try it when she offered it to me at first. Later on, I was really depressed and really needed to escape so I tried it once and it had no effects on me except a sore throat.

During my freshman year in college, I had a roommate that I could not sleep with. I had gone for 3 days straight without sleep and had gone to see a doctor for this. I was told to try antihistamines in large doses, I did but it did not help me sleep. My roommate was stubborn and had to stay up until really late and I really need the place quiet and to feel safe before I can fall asleep. This became a big problem to me because I need to go to class and study and when I do not get enough sleep, I get nauseous, dizzy, tired, and have migraines.

I have no idea what to do because the student housing wouldn’t let me out of the dorms. I ended up staying over at my best friend’s place but I still had a hard time falling asleep so one night at 4am, I called up my friend since she stays at her boyfriend’s place since she let me sleep in her place, and cried to her. She told me that her boyfriend thinks to try some alcohol and since it was already that late, I had nothing to loose so I tried it and I fell asleep right away. I had read articles and articles on how I should NOT drink because it only worsens the matter but it was not true in my condition.

After a while I became dependent on alcohol to get to sleep and my friend told me that pot also works so I tried that since I had a tolerance to ethanol at that time. After smoking it, I was paranoid for a while and the next thing I knew, I woke up and it was morning! I had fallen asleep!! It was awesome since I didn’t get the hangover effects of alcohol. I am not a regular user but only use it if I cannot sleep.