Marihuana and Insomnia
by Anonymous

I am an unbelievably healthy woman - I have never even had a cold, let alone the flu, headaches, or the usual physical afflictions. I have never missed one day of school or work in my 69 years (I still work full time), except for one day when I was in an automobile accident and had to have a cast put on my leg!

However, I have found the use of marihuana extremely beneficial in my life. Despite being a sound sleeper, I have an insolvable problem in the life of my youngest son, age 42, and it would often keep me tossing and turning at bedtime.

A few years ago I discovered that by taking just one or two hits of marihuana at night before going to bed, I no longer had trouble getting to sleep, and even slept through the night without interruption. As a result I was more rested the following day at work.

My problem is hardly as pressing as those who are undergoing chemotherapy or other situations which rely heavily on marihuana for assistance. However, relief in a case such as mine certainly enhances the quality of my life, and enables me to be more productive, let alone healthier.

How ironic that something so beneficial and healing is against the law! Hopefully by the next generation the laws will become more relevant and practical, and more people may enjoy the physical and psychological benefits of this weed.