Hemp Oil and Elevated Serum Lipid Levels by Cathey

I've had problems with my serum lipid levels all my life. High risk for heart disease, etc.

Changing my diet and exercise habits alone didn't make any difference at all, except for slightly raising my HDL level.

I was put on Lipitor, which after two months hadn't made any significant difference, and which eventually caused intolerable side effects anyway.

Fish oil capsules helped a little, but not nearly enough, despite taking the stuff for years. And I later learned that fish oil caps aren't necessarily safe anyway, because of possible mercury and other contamination in the junk fish used to make the oil. (Apparently the stuff isn't tested for that.)

Flaxseed oil is supposed to help lower cholesterol, but unfortunately it made me double over in pain. Someone told me that the flaxseed oil I was taking must have gone bad, so I bought a different brand. Same effect - I just can't take the stuff.

Finally I read about hempseed oil, in an article by Dr. Andrew Weil. I tried it and had no ill effects at all. My lipid levels started improving within 12 weeks, and kept gradually improving as I kept taking it. 

After a little less than a year of taking hempseed oil daily, my cholesterol is now NORMAL! ALL of my lipid levels and ratios are perfectly NORMAL!

And yesterday I learned that the DEA has gone ahead with their ridiculous ban on ALL hemp foods, including all brands of hemp oil, even those that don't contain even any traces of THC.

This totally SUCKS!!