Lupus by Randi Cox


I have smoked marijuana since I was about 15 years old. At first it was recreational, to fit in with my friends. I was diagnosed with lupus when I was 18 years old. I did not really have too many symptoms at first, but with pregnancy and age I have more and more. In my mid-20s, I realized that smoking marijuana seemed to reduce the severity of my pain and loss of appetite. Also during this time I had a full-time flooring contractor business. s I would smoke in the evenings when I got home. I hardly smoked during the day due to work or other activities. My entire crew smoked and it did not have any adverse effects on our work. As a matter of fact it was obvious when we did not smoke. All  the companies that we installed for knew that we smoked marijuana, but as long as we were not on the job and it did not affect our work, they did not care.


I no longer work for myself and have had to stop smoking due to drug testing at work.

When I got divorced a few years ago marijuana really helped with the anxiety and heavy studding. I returned to school and received a degree in computer programming. I aced most tests I took and I smoked marijuana at night when I studied.


I am now 41 years old.  Since I quit smoking pot, my lupus is in a full flare and I am having a very difficult time getting it under control. I also have noticed that marijuana worked better on my headaches then any over-the-counter drug.


My sister recently died from the same disease that I suffer from after being bedridden for her last five years. She took the regular route with drugs you cannot pronounce that have more side effects then what you are trying to cure. The drugs caused other problems with her body and eventually her body quit working. I have suffered from this disease longer then she had, and I have more mobility then she did, but right now I am getting concerned that my only avenue to relieve the pain will be to do just as she did and eventually die as she did.


I am not sure this means anything but I do believe that marijuana relieves the pain that I suffer due to my lupus as well as other symptoms caused by lupus. I would like to contribute as much information as I can and hopefully help those that suffer like I do. I would not wish this disease on even my worst enemy. I would like to find another way to maintain my flares and not lose my job or go to jail, without having to put something into my body that is synthetic and unnatural. I very much believe in natural healing. I have had more success with that than with anything a doctor has ever done/prescribed for me.