On Migraine Headaches


Since the time I was 14 I have suffered from severe migraines. The nausea and pain were so severe that I suffered from projectile vomiting, as well as the typical auras, sensitivity to light, smells, etc. The pain was so intense that I would wonder if it could possibly end. I tried a lot of medications on the market, and none of them provided adequate relief, or, if they did, the effectiveness did not last. Now, six years later, I have discovered the healing properties of marijuana firsthand. Marihuana can ease my pain and nausea in just a few hits off a pipe, as opposed to a pill that takes time to take effect. And migraine sufferers know that every second is a second of agony. I am a California resident, but my doctor has reservations about marijuana and so I am forced to live outside the law to relieve my pain. It’s a sad state of affairs when the most effective medicine (for me) is so stigmatized and misrepresented. DARE to educate yourself and others.