Migraine and Post-surgery Pain by Anonymous

I am a 20-year-oldfemale who has consumed marijuana for 8 years( 4 1/2years on a daily basis).When I hit puberty I developed excruciating migraines. I didn't realize then what I now know as a very common use for marijuana...I am proud to say that I have not had even a severe headache in at least 4 years. Just recently my younger brother,14, has tried the very same method, and he has not had a migraine in almost 3 months. Also, six months ago I crushed my ankle (bimalleolar fracture)--anyone who has broken a bone can relate to the pain—I felt I had to have extensive "hardware" installed in my ankle: eight screws, a , 6-inch pin,  a 2"x4" plate, and three very prominent scars on my left leg, along with the inability to wear most types of dress shoes, sandals, and even some tennis shoes(for a woman, that alone is traumatic).

My doctor did little to ease my pain after surgery.  I was given a prescription of Ultracet and some anti-inflammatory that could be called nothing more than a glorified Tylenol. . I suffered for the rest of the day and all night, telling my nurses that what they had given me had not worked, that I was still in agonizing pain.  I convinced them that it was under control the next afternoon. They released me, and as soon as I got home and smoked, the pain immediately dissipated to small stabbing pain, from the full fledged pulsing abscess my leg had been.  I spent the next couple of weeks crawling (crutches are unbelievably uncomfortable). I have smoked an average of three joints a day since my release from the hospital. And I truly believe if it were not for marijuana I probably would have been a very nasty person to my doctor. There have been a few times when I did not have my miracle "drug".

The pain is borderline torture, and I don’t think I could handle the pain without it.