Migraine Headache by Anonymous

My friend has bad migraines, and he was absolutely ready to do anything to make the headache stop. He talked with various doctors, but only thing they could give him was painkillers. Every time he had a headache, he took a pill, and in the end he always threw up. The pain didn't end but let up a little bit. Then after a while I recommended marihuana, and he was ready to try anything, so he tried it. The next time he had a headache, he smoked marihuana and the pain went away, without any throwing up! He was so happy because now he could enjoy life without the pain. The only problem is that he can't get the marihuana all the time and it is really expensive when he buys it from the streets. So that is why I support marihuana in medical use--I have seen what a relief it is. He has been using it for seven months now and I have not seen him changing in any way.