I had been using marihuana for recreational use, but then one day a doctor of mine suggested that I use it whenever a migraine came on. The thought of smoking anything when a migraine was beginning was repulsive to me, but when the next one hit, I did so. I was willing to try anything that would weaken or eliminate the pain. I had been having migraines since I was 10, and they were becoming more frequent and more intense as I grew older.

After taking a few hits, I immediately fell into a deep sleep, and to my amazement when I awoke an hour later my pain was gone and I could actually get on with my day. I wasn’t even stoned. I could not believe what had happened. Believe me, I had tried every medication that a doctor gave me to kill the pain and to stop the nausea. Nothing helped. Not only could I get on with my day after smoking marihuana, but I could eat as well.

I have been using this remedy ever since then. I stopped using marihuana as a recreational drug years ago. It just got boring, but as an aid to my migraines, never. Not only that, due to t his drug, my migraines have decreased, and on occasion they have come upon me when I cannot use marihuana, but because my body and mind are now conditioned to feel no pain following the initial strobe effect in my eye, I can actually fall asleep instantly and wake up an hour later with no headache.

Because I don’t’ trust that to happen every time, I only go without the marihuana when I have no other choice. Many people have asked me why I do not use all the new legal drugs out there now for migraines. I reply, why should I when I have the perfect drug for me right now, and with no side effects?

I am now 51 years old. I still get migraines. Sometimes two years can pass without me getting one, and sometimes I can get as many as a dozen in a year, maybe two or three in a six-week period. I have no idea what brings them on, and I am tired to trying to figure it out. It doesn’t matter to me. All that matters now is to get rid of it as soon as possible. Marihuana does that for me.

I have never met another person who has used marihuana for this reason, mainly because I have never met another person who has migraines. I am so glad you are doing this study, and I hope something useful comes out of it.