Migraine by Anonymous

Since I was about 16 years old I have been diagnosed with migraines.  My aunt also suffers from them.  My migraines are basically centered around my menstrual cycle.  I have been on various t drug therapies and have yet to find lasting relief from any of them.  Most will work for a few months, but as my body grows a tolerance for them they loss their effectiveness.  I also have a prescription for Vicodin, which tends to take the edge off but is growing less and less effective as the migraines grow stronger.  The migraines make me so ill I tend to vomit, and when I am this nauseated I cannot even take the pills I need to attempt to treat the migraine.  The only relief I have been able to find is marijuana.  I do not use it regularly, only the three days out of the month that I have the migraine.  It is the only medicine I have been able to find that abates the nausea and helps to relieve the migraine.  My only hope is that some day the government will understand that this is not an addiction but sometimes a necessity.  I do not abuse the substance but use it only when I have tried the other meds and they have not worked.