Migraine Headaches by Anonymous

     I suffered from unbelievable migraines when I was younger.  The migraines really did a number on me, but fortunately I had a boss who was incredible.  I was living in Houston at the time and putting in long hours under stress.  Well, the migraines got to the point that I was passing out.  I tried every doctor and treatment available but nothing worked   except marijuana.  My boss finally understood and said that he didn't have an issue with me doing marijuana as long as my work didn't suffer.  Well, my  work didn't suffer.  In fact, my boss wound up buying my marijuana for me so that I could get things done.  This was 25 years ago.  Today I still get an occasional migraine, so my doctor has prescribed Marinol,  a marijuana derivative, which really helps.  This country needs to get with the times and legalize marijuana.  Mexico finally legalized small doses of various drugs, which made the DEA a tad bit upset, but I really don't care.  A few of my likeminded friends have found a place or two to grow the stuff and use marijuana responsibly.