Migraine Headache by Jennifer

Okay, My name is Jennifer from CA. I have a regular doctor who I have gone to a  few times regarding my migraines. He has prescribed so many things for me from Maxalt to Imitrex injections. Now Iím going to try acupuncture and a few other things. I am being completely honest when I say . . . I didnít even try marijuana until I was 20.

One day I was with a few friends, and of course as usual, I had a bad migraine.

I honestly didnít care what I had to do to get rid of the incredible amount of pain I was going through. So, of course I tried it, and it was and has been the only thing that works. How do I tell something like that to my doc and will it even matter? I am 22 now. I donít overdo-it, just to get rid of it!