Migraine Headaches by Stefan

I am still amazed at how marijuana is still not legal. I get migraine headaches, have for some time now. I have tried a number of medicines, and most donít work, and none work at all unless I take them it within minutes of the first signs. When I get these headaches, they will last sometimes up to 2 days or more. Over time now, I have found a medicine that works, and that medicine is marijuana. This is by far the best medicine I have tried thus far. When I feel the headache coming, or even after it has started, if I smoke a joint or even take just a few hits, it helps a lot. Besides taking away the pain, it also gets my mind off the nausea and upset stomach that accompanies my migraines. If you write another book, or are going to add more to you website, please include my story. I used to just sit in bed for days at a time, and I would not eat because of the stomach pains, but now my migraines don't control my life, I control my migraines.