Treatment of Multiple Symptoms by Anonymous

Greetings!  I’ll make this as brief as possible: I was the baby from hell.  2 weeks old went back to hospital for lower and upper GI's.  Can write the book on sigmoidoscopy procedures ... the end result (no pun intended) is that my small intestines are several feet longer than normal, a 'birth defect,' and I am severely allergic to almost all foods, all food groups, and especially, SPECIFICALLY preservatives and chemicals, whether in food or 'medicinal' form.  The results from consuming something to which I’m allergic: muscle spasms and extreme gas pains ... spastic illiocecal valve, spastic colon, acid reflux (famous for regurgitating foods that I’m allergic to ...sometimes fly back within a minute of consumption).  'Doctors’ have been prescribing meds that don't help any of the symptoms, but rather, contain ingredients that I’m allergic to, and thus cause more pain and suffering.  The only thing that helps with the spasticity and pain is marijuana. (self medicated) is there somewhere that I can get tested legitimately to prove that my use of this natural drug is valid for my problems?  i dread the thought of any more GI's or sigmoidoscopys, but if they can give conclusive evidence that validates my usage of marijuana for medical purposes, then I can suffer through some more testing.   Please let me know ... I am located in southern California, near Huntington Beach.  Thank you

  I had just written regarding my medicinal use for mj for my gastrointestinal disorders, COMPLETELY forgetting to mention that I have also been diagnosed with ADD, and a handful of learning disabilities including, but not limited to dyscalculia, cross-referenced, auditory processing problems, etc. My chiropractor was studying the effects of marijuana use with ADD patients some years ago, and suggested that he felt it was beneficial to me for those purposes as well (he was aware of my usage). Marijuana absolutely helps me to hyper-focus, and to slow things down when I have a million thoughts going on at one time. It enables me to grab one thought process at a time, focus on it, make the thought a reality, act on it, and go on to the next thought. During my childhood I slept with one eye open, and took several hours to fall asleep because although my body was tired, my brain would not slow down or shut off and allow me to sleep. Smoking grass helps me to again slow down the thought process and focus on what I want to dream about, thus enabling me to fall asleep in a relaxed state of mind. I started smoking grass a week shy of my 18th birthday, which was almost a year out of high school, which was also when I was diagnosed with ADD ... I had smoked quite a lot of marijuana while in college, and was a 4.0 throughout the majority of my education, graduating with a 3.75 gpa. I’ve never been in trouble with the law over smoking; I am not an alcoholic or display any other signs of addictive personality traits. I just smoke grass to keep 'in check,' with my ADD and digestive orders. Since I started smoking, my former suicidal tendencies have long left. Being in constant daily physical and emotional pain over my digestive disorder accompanied with the low self-esteem that goes along with the ADD/LD personality had me feeling suicidal since I was very young. No mas!