On Multiple Uses

Dave & Kim Kelley Wildman_68@hotmail.com

My wife and I have used it now for 5 years. We are both professionals. We use it to control stress, muscle pain, her monthly visitor, and it even makes doing the dishes more fun! It also enhances our conversation and sex. It also helps us sleep at night. It enables me to be nicer, even when not high. Otherwise, I tend to be an asshole...always have been. We feel it makes us more tolerable towards difficult situations in that it allows us to sit back and analyze how best to deal with what life dishes out. Currently we are out of it, and as a result, we are using Sominex to get to sleep which leaves us groggy in the morning, cannabis never does this. We smoke and average of two jibs per day when we have it. Its worst side effect is the cost, usually around 50 per quarter. The movement towards legalization has caused us to become alienated with out government and other right winged groups, i.e. Partnership for a Drug Free America...who happens to be funded by big tobacco. I respect what you are doing and have read your work in the November Coalitions reports...don’t stop.