Treatment of Pain by Steve Goodall

How very refreshing to find a web site that shows an educated and open view on a subject that is very emotive to a lot of uninformed people.  I discovered the use of smoked marijuana three years ago. As I'm ex-British armed forces, even I'm surprised, that I use it. I suffer from compacted L5/L4 and prolapsed I/V; also sciatica of both legs at times. During my time in the army I did the same things most soldiers do, but I was also a parachutist and scuba diver, spent a fair bit of time at sea, and played rugby for my regiment, I was even once hunted in a Central American jungle, the only survivor of a deep penetration o/p team. A regular Audey Murphy. What Iím trying to say is that I'm no stranger to pain or despair. I believed that there was nothing that could put me down and keep me down, but this injury did. I was very much a product of the establishment and this is very evident in my manner and bearing, which makes it somewhat difficult for me to obtain marijuana.  It has opened my eyes to the underbelly of our society and frankly it breaks my heart.  There is an element of our society that has not just slipped through the net, but hasnít even touched the sides. The point is I have to get involved with some pretty unsavory people just to gain pain relief.  This in itself is a fair indicator that it's time to change the rules. I have been prescribed all the usual analgesics(at the moment I'm taking dihydrocodeine 30mg, dothiepin 25mg), all of which have a list of possible side effects as long as your arm. I have also been given antidepressants, whose side effects don't bear mentioning. Since I started using marijuana I find its analgesic properties better that any prescribed drug Iíve had.  Also,  psychologically it can lighten a low mood.

I am 45 years old, married, with two daughters 14 and 7 years. I'm retired on ill health and only now, after 7 years of constant pain, have come to grips with it.  I have not dealt with my problems as well as I might have done. I can say though, I have now climbed the hill, part in thanks to the help of marijuana.