Severe Pain by Stephen Tomlinson

I am a 49-year-old male disabled veteran. I have severe reflex sympathetic dystrophy caused by a bilateralrib resection and saclene removal in 1986. Thoracic outlet syndrome. The pain is unbearable, and the pain meds the VA is giving me make me very sick. I have a medical marijuana card and the pain is starting to be tolerable. I am getting my life back, and my family wants me to keep using the med marijuana. I eat better, am in a lot better mood, and the pain levels are down! The VA is doing a study on vets that use med marijuana, and the early results are very promising. It is a far better medicine than what the drug companies are trying to push, less toxic.

I was looking at the end of my life until I received the card. The pain was just so bad, and the never- ending seizures. Now I look forward to getting up every day and trying to live as much of a normal life as I can. Please give it a try. It is not the evil drug the government & pharmaceutical companies want us to believe.