Severe Chronic Post-traumatic Pain by Anonymous

A little over five years ago I was literally crushed between two forklifts. After two months in the hospital, my insurance ran out, so I was sent home to convalesce on my own. There was a lot of discussion about cutting my right leg off. After a year or so of extreme pain and a whole lot of the old "Lets try this" act by the doctors, I was sent to a pain specialist and he confirmed that I had a little known disease called RSDS [reflex sympathetic dystrophy]. It is a nasty problem that causes constant uncontrollable pain 24-7. I donít understand that much about it, but I sure did suffer. It is not uncommon for those who suffer from RSDS to  have a morphine pump installed in their spine. In my case, I was taking major doses of Lortabs, Ultram, and several other meds that have a minimal effect on the pain.

Finally, after over three years of extreme pain, the doctors had me on methadone, and that did not even touch the pain I was in. Now understand me, I was not a newbie to smoke, but at this point I was desperate. I got on the Internet and discovered that my disease was not understood by the majority of the medical world. Also, please understand that less than 6% of those put on methadone EVER GET BACK OFF!!! I have to say that now with the usage of marijuana on a daily basis I have been methadone- free for going on two years and take nothing more than a few Ultrams each day.  I feel better than I have for years!!! To sum up what the wildwood weed has done for me--no more methadone, no more Lortabs, no more of the doctorsí voodoo meds, and a life that is not what I had but not a bad life either.. My only real problem is obtaining my natureís herb and obtaining the right kind, as I have found that different strains have different effects on my pain.  I hope and pray that at some time in the future our government that is supposed to be for and of the people will 180 on their laws and allow me and others to get the medication that they need!!!