Chronic Pain by Anonymous

My wife is a registered nurse who was injured by a patient and has had to leave her profession (for now) due to chronic pain and other ailments from her injury.

The chronic pain is debilitating, with days when she does no more than get out of bed, watch TV and take pills till the pain subsides.  The pain also manifests itself in severe headaches.

She has an entire store of pain medications (Soma, Darvocet, etc...) along with Valium.  I keep track of what she takes and how much.  She utilizes her medications as a healthcare professional.  She'll only take what she needs and as much and for as long as she needs to for relief.

In our younger days we smoked marijuana and were abusers of illegal drugs.  We both spent many years in the US military and realized that illegal drug use would not allow us to accomplish the things we wanted.

With that being said, I finally talked my wife into smoking marijuana for her pain relief.  She has tried it several times and has found that it not only works fantastically in eliminating her pain but also greatly reduces her spasms and relaxes her mush more than the Valium.

 As always, she still uses marijuana as a medical professional.  Usually a small "one hitter" is enough to block the pain while not impairing her senses too badly.  I feel it unfortunate that we must purchases marijuana from "underground sources".  We have no idea of its origin or how the substance has been handled (laced with other substances, etc...).

Please continue your work on regulating this very valuable substance and provide any advice you can on our ability to legally procure safe and tested marijuana.

Thank You