Severe Pain by Anonymous

I’ve been a quadriplegic for 14 years, with a constant pain level of 7-9 (10 being suicide). I have never met any other quad with anything near this pain level.   Extreme clinching of groin muscles -- sometimes incorrectly labeled neurogenic bowel and bladder syndrome.  Near intolerance to medications; with no relief.  Only a haze that sort of makes the pain not matter.  NO PAIN MED WORKS LONG-TERM.  I don't believe that my doctors have done all they can do.  I can't stress over that, though, because it makes my pain infinitely worse.  The closest I have come to controlling my pain is to attempt to detach myself from it through meditation, spacing -- exactly what ANY pain management program has to offer (and, NOTHING ELSE, in my experience).  Marijuana facilitates this and does not lose its effect with time.  WITHOUT hindering mental capabilities like the many, many, many prescriptions I have been on.  It does not alleviate the need for spasm medications, nor does the pain subside.  My doctors say I must live with this pain and this is how I do it.  I am a veteran and know many, many fellow quads that use and recommend it.  During the first six months of injury, in the VA Hospital, these men and even the spinal cord psychologist stressed its advantages.