Post-Traumatic Pain by Bryan Erickson

Well, about three years ago I had a motorcycle accident which resulted in a shattered pelvis and two lower vertebrae fractured. I spent one month in Harbor View where I was administered morphine.

At the time of my release I was taken off morphine and prescribed Oxycontin. I went home and I was pretty much bedridden for the first month. Now I had been an avid user of marijuana for several years before this accident and I never really put much thought into the medicinal purposes of marijuana. But well, I was at home in bed. I suffered extreme aches in my legs (I believe this was due to not being able to walk and not using my legs). Although I did have a quite large prescription for Oxycontin, I was quite weary of taking such a heavy narcotic (I have met and seen many people get addicted to Oxycontin and I felt that I would be better off taking as little as possible).

Well, one day a friend stopped by and brought some marijuana with him and we smoked some and I was amazed at how I felt.  It actually relieved the pain in my legs, and I didn’t have to take a heavy narcotic. After that I acquired myself a small amount of marijuana, and I would smoke some in the morning, afternoon, and before bed.I slept better, felt better, it made it bearable for me throughout my day. I flushed my prescription of Oxycontin down the toilet and have never taken them since. I am now fully healed and still a avid marijuana user. And in the future if I have to go through anything like this again I know what medicine I’ll reach for. Thank you so much for giving me a forum to share this story with the world, and I wish everyone the best of luck in the never-ending goal of legalizing marijuana for everyone to enjoy.