Chronic Pain by Debbie Ellis

I was hurt three years ago at work, only to find out that my employer did not have workman’s comp, which has caused problems in my treatment, I have had three operations and still deal with daily pain Sometimes I  feel I don’t want to live like this-- actually I know I don’t. I take Flexeril and Vicodin, and wear a morphine patch. I hate all of it. No doubt I am a walking zombie, as my family will tell you.  So I try to quit my meds, but oh God, how I suffer from withdrawals.. I have tried herb, and it helps tremendously, but I also live in the state of I Illinois, an seems they don’t care about us, the ones in pain.  All my prescription drugs have bad side effects, but I have not heard anything bad about marijuana, only all good.  As I begin my day in pain, I wonder will it ever be about what is right for the people. I pray someday the freedom that so many fought for will truly be, and all doctors can treat their patients with out fear of being prosecuted. I pray for us all, Amen.