Pain Management by Anonymous

I am a senior in college majoring in psychology and criminal justice. I am 22 and not married, I have been using marihuana for 3 years, and I discovered it a year after the onset of my nerve leg pain. I have been in constant pain for the last 9 years, from this and from migraines. I have 3 to 4 migraines a week, and I injured my perineal nerve, which causes me great pain and subsequent nausea. I have tried every medical treatment including surgery and an internal spinal cord nerve stimulator. Anti-inflammatories give me ulcers, and opiates give me nausea and trigger migraines. My doctor decided to put me on 20 mg. of Marinol, which was better than anything I had tried, but only partially effective. Then I decided to try marihuana, which works better than anything else. Marihuana is the only thing that relieves my pain completely and allows me to have a normal life. The transformation is amazing. One moment I'm doubled over in agony, physically sick, and the next moment, after I smoke marihuana, I feel like myself, the way I felt 9 years ago. Before I started using it I had forgotten what it felt like not to have pain. The best thing is marihuana's lack of side effects. When I take mainstream drugs like methadone and Zofran I have to take other medication to counteract their negative effects. Marihuana saved my life. I used to beat my head against the wall until I passed out. Forget about going to class on morphine, but with marihuana I can still function. On bad days I smoke it so that I can eat, then take a pot brownie, which lasts longer but is not quite as strong. The combination leaves me pain free and able to function for hours.