Peripheral Neuropathy by Anonymous

I have had peripheral neuropathy for several years. Also, I have Undifferentiated Connective-Tissue Disease with joint pain.

I started using medical marijuana after getting no relief from Elavil (with negative side effects) and Neurotin. Vioxx offers some relief for my joint pain.

I have found that MM is effective for the nerve pain and  the joint pain also. The main benefit is lack of side effects. (dry eyes are the only bothersome effect, and sterile drops work for that- no preservatives!)

I find it interesting that after I started MM, My life became easier and more productive. I was offer a promotion during this time. This hardly jibes with the view of the Federal narcs.

I have used an evaporator to reduce the risk of smoke, but find a pipe delivers more medicine per weight of MM.  If MM were cheap and plentiful, I would not smoke. But now it is a risk/economic choice.

I have to buy my medicine on the street.

My doctors are aware of my choice of medicine.