Pain of Peripheral Neuropathy by Anonymous

I have a disease called peripheral neuropathy which basically means that I have damaged nerves and am in constant terrible pain.  I take morphine every four hours.  I have had the occasion to try MJ and I could not believe the difference.  With morphine, I still have pain, but am able to bear it better.  With the utilization of MJ, I did not even know that I had feet!!  (The main pain I feel is in my feet.)  Additionally, the nausea I occasionally feel from taking morphine was non-existent.  I am a member of the Neuropathy Association, and many of those folks have also tried this for relief. All who have tried it are unbelieving at how much relief it affords them.  Because I am a 60-ish disabled woman, I have no ability to find MJ so that I could use it regularly and thereby be completely out of pain.  I cannot believe that most especially John Ashcroft has made sure that medical marijuana never sees the light of day.

Do you know that even though I live in the DC area, I have to fly to Nevada to get my morphine prescriptions because Ashcroft has come down so hard on doctors in this area that not one will help me?  The doctors I have seen in this area just want to repeat the diagnostic procedures (which I spent the better part of a year undergoing) and then put me through detox.  Well, I'm not having any of that, so I fly to Nevada every couple of months to see a doctor there who will prescribe for me.

If I could be a part of any study , I would be so very grateful.  I realize that I am putting myself in some jeopardy by responding here, but I must speak my mind on the subject.

I was married to an alcoholic for 17 years and know how dreadfully debilitating to a family that LEGAL drug can be.  I haven't heard of families being broken up due to abusive potheads, have you?  To my mind, alcohol should be illegal and marijuana legal.  It is a plant that God gave us to use and since it has so very many medical properties, I just cannot understand the incredible stupidity of the powers that be on this subject.

If I can be of any help or, as I said, be a part of any study, please contact me.  I just hope I won't be opening my door to a law enforcement individual (lol).