Dear Dr. Grinspoon:

First, let me thank you for your books on this subject and all you do for medicinal cannabis patients worldwide, but especially here in the USA where so much change is needed.

I am a 45-year-old man who has used cannabis recreationally for 25 years with no ill effects. I discovered the medicinal properties of this remarkable plant after an industrial accident in which I injured my back while lifting a van conversion top. I have had two unsuccessful lumbar fusions of L-4 through S-1. I also have an artificial hip which gives me continuous pain. For the past five years I have used an implanted intrathecal morphine pump. Also using medicinal cannabis as an adjunct, I can decrease my need for higher and stronger doses of morphine, which reduces the unwanted side effects considerably and also makes me less vulnerable to bouts of depression. I suffer from violent muscle spasms as well, and cannabis stops them almost instantaneously with just a few puffs. I prefer to smoke cannabis in a waterpipe. With medical quality cannabis, I can get by with a couple of bong hits (about half a gram) every four hours. Cannabis has also given me the desire and motivation to learn the use of computers. Although I have been disabled for 12 years now, I'm hopeful of returning to the workforce in the very near future.