Post-Traumatic Injury Pain by Dick Wykla

I was in a brawl outside a bar when two guys jumped me.  I went unconscious.  One of the assailants kicked me in the head while I was out cold on the ground, shattering a tooth and breaking my jaw.  I woke to a bloody shirt and a tremendous amount of pain.  I had to have my tooth fixed and my mouth wired shut to prevent further damage.  The doctors gave me Vicodin to handle the pain.  That stuff does not do the job for me. 

Having your mouth wired shut is one of the worst experiences you can ever endure.  Pain and starvation are all you know.  I was hurting bad.  I starting smoking weed to ease the pain, and man did it ever.  It slowed the throbbing way down and gave me an at-ease feeling about myself, so I wasn't even thinking about the pain.  I have been mentally addicted to the drug since.  At this point I use it to ease chronic back pains that come from bad posture and bad sleeping habits.  It is a lot safer than most pain killers.  It doesn't clog up your kidneys or liver.  Only people who are allergic to it or have asthma should stay away. I have done a lot of personal testing of what is good or bad for the body based on religion, and I'll tell you this that weed is calming for the body and soul when things are getting extremely hectic in the world around you.